Easy Ayurvedic Drink Recipes for Everyday Immunity

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Easy Ayurvedic Drink Recipes for Everyday Immunity

Building immunity is an everyday activity. Feels daunting? It can be as simple as fixing yourself a drink. In this blog, let’s look at what is immunity as per Ayurveda, how drinks build immunity and finally, easy ayurvedic drink recipes for everyday immunity.  

What Is Immunity?

Ayurveda describes immunity in terms like ojas – healthy essence of the body and bhala – strength of the body. It is not limited to immunization of the body against specific microorganisms. It focuses on preparing the body to be healthy overall. 

How Drinks Build Immunity?

Food is a critical lever that controls how our body functions. According to the text, food forms can be classified as 

  1. Drinkables – All liquids
  2. Eatables – Simple food like rice
  3. Chewables –  Hard food textures that needs to be bitten like nuts
  4. Lickables – Anything you need to lick like creams or pastes

In this blog, we will focus on drinkables.  A good herbal drink supplements as an immune modulator by

What is an immuno modulator according to Ayurveda?
  1. Providing nutrition value. No brainer. Good nutrition is a basis for optimal health.
  2. Improving digestion & metabolism. Ensures toxins and body wastes are pushed out without any delay. This reduces any unwanted accumulation inside us.
  3. Improving cellular level circulation of nutrients. Good circulation ensures proper nourishment of tissue, improves physical and mental functions, increasing health and longevity.

Curious about what some of these healthy herbal drinks are? Here are 4 easy-to-make recipes that anyone can try:

Easy Ayurvedic Drink Recipes For Everyday Immunity.

1. Flavored Water – Sughandha kwadham 

IngredientsTulsi – 10 leaves
Dried Ginger- A small piece,
Crushed Cumin seeds- 1 tsp 
Coriander seeds – 1 tsp
Neem leaves – 5 leaves
Piper longum or long pepper – 5
Barley – 2 tbsp
Water – 4 Glasses
Method1. Boil the herbs with water at moderate heat.
2. Turn  it off when the quantity of water is reduced to half.
3. You can prepare this with either one or all the herbs mentioned.

You can drink this whenever you are thirsty
Benefits– Barley provides nutrients rich in proteins, carbs and vitamins. 
– Ginger & cumin ignites digestive enzymes
– Neem & Tulsi are excellent antioxidants that neutralizes unstable chemicals that can damage cell membranes

2. Golden Milk Haridradhi ksheerapakam 

IngredientsTurmeric powder – 1/2 tbsp or  1 gooseberry size of fresh turmeric
Powder of  Yashtimadhu (Liquorice roots) – 1 tbsp
Powder of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)- 1 tbsp 
Milk – 1 Cup 
Water – 4 Cups 
Method1. Mix milk with water and add all the ingredients 
2. Boil the mix on moderate heat until it reduces to 20% of the quantity
3. Filter and drink it lukewarm 

You can drink this instead of plain milk
Benefits– Milk provides nutrients rich in protein & calcium.
– Turmeric is an antioxidant and an anticancer agent           
– Yashtimadhu has constituents like glycyrrhizin that are instrumental in ensuring these nutrients to the minutest cells.
– Ashwagandha is a rejuvenator that has antioxidant qualities and high caloric value.
– It is important to retain the proportions correctly to get these benefits.

3. Gooseberry Juice – Amalaki Paanaka

IngredientsFresh gooseberry – 10 medium size 
Dry roasted & powdered cumin – 1 tsp
Dry roasted & powdered pepper – ½ tsp
Natural Sugar – according to your taste
Rock salt – 3 pinches
Water – 2 cups
Method1. Boil the gooseberries in water and remove the seeds. 
2. Extract the juice from gooseberry 
3. Add water and other ingredients
4. Filter and your fresh gooseberry juice is ready!
5. You can add mint leaves for taste.

Don’t boil. This drink must be consumed at room temperature. 
Benefits– Gooseberry is one the best natural immunity boosters rich in nutrients such as vitamins and tannins.
– The rest of the ingredients are great appetizers. They assist in absorbing the essence and ensure these nutrients reach every cell.

4. Ayurvedic Tea – Dhanyadhi phanta

IngredientsTea powder – 50 gm
Dry roasted & powdered of cumin- 10 gm
Dry roasted & powdered of pepper- 5 gm
Powdered Yashtimadhu (Liquorice roots)- 2 gms
Powdered clove – 2 gms
Jaggery as per your taste (Add only after boiling)
Method1. Powder all the ingredients (except the tea powder)
2. Add it to tea and keep in an airtight container
3. Use 1 teaspoon of the powder for 1 cup of tea and prepare tea like how you normally do (with or without milk)
4. Add jaggery for taste.

You can have this drink lukewarm once in a day. Preferably after a heavy meal.  
Benefits– Instant energy booster and improves digestion.
– This produces warmth in the body and helps in sweating. So it is a good option while you have cough or fever.

Each step towards immunity counts. So get started with including healthy drinks in your everyday diet. 

Dr. Divya P.S.

Dr. Divya P. S. 10 years of experience in helping her clients manage lifestyle disorders and has done extensive research in Ayurveda Pharmacology. You can review your lifestyle, diet and exercise to get tailored health recommendations in 1:1 consultation on Satva.

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