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3-minute read. Authored by Suchitra Sathyanarayana | Happy New Year! I am excited to announce that is opening its doors after being in private beta for a year. We are now bringing Ayurveda & Yoga for anyone, anywhere and tapping the power of AI  (Artificial Intelligence)  to enhance the experience. As we get started, I wanted to pause, reflect and celebrate this journey so far, with you. 

Ayurveda & Yoga, My Way Of Life Since Childhood

Ayurveda & Yoga was integral to me while I was growing up in Bangalore – brushing my teeth with  triphala churna – an Ayurvedic powder that strengthened gums and teeth, starting my day with Surya Namaskar – morning Yoga routine, doing full body abhyanga or oil massage with sesame oil over weekends – to name a few activities. When someone fell sick at home, the first medicines came right from our kitchen – remedies prepared based on the Ayurvedic principles. It was a way of life rather than a wellness system. 

Ayurveda & Yoga For Anyone, Anywhere 

As I grew, my world expanded and I lived in and traveled to many cities in Asia and the USA. I continued to practice Ayurveda and Yoga. Around this time, my sister, Dr. Aruna Iyengar started practicing Ayurveda professionally. She helped me understand the deeper science and how yoga asanas complemented Ayurveda in regaining wellness. Earlier I was just a creature of habit, now I became an ardent fan and advocate of these holistic systems. I understood Ayurveda and Yoga focused on restoring the natural balance within us and gracefully resolving the root cause of dis-ease. 

Living in the Bay Area, I met so many people running crazy schedules, constantly battling burnt outs, and silently dealing with lifestyle disorders such as chronic pains be it back, neck or shoulders, popping in daily pills to manage hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol or anxiety. It was a no-brainer to me that Ayurveda & Yoga could help them to return back to their wellness. However, I was surprised most of them had not heard of Ayurveda before. If they had, they did not have access to trusted experts. If they knew of experts, the option was quite expensive and not a viable for everyday wellness! The computer engineer and researcher in me, could not accept this. 

Bringing The Power of AI To Ayurveda 

Ayurveda at its core is personalized wellness –  to each person, to their surroundings, to their lifestyle. The recommendations to regain wellness are holistic – well beyond just taking supplements. It includes changes in diet, exercise, sleep. Having led AI teams in top tech firms in the Bay Area, I knew the AI in supporting personalization. I wanted to apply AI to make it easy for people to find Ayurveda experts as well as adopt the lifestyle changes as recommended by an expert. And with that Satva started taking shape.

Satva means essence of life and harmony. When Satva happened, it was very magical – it was a seamless coming together of like minded people who felt committed to the same cause. Ravi Satzoda, my husband and an accomplished technology scholar and Sowmya Ramakrishnan, my dear friend from undergrad days with an MBA in Marketing and several years of experience at firms like IBM and Google joined me to co-found Satva.

 Dr. Aruna Iyengar an accomplished Ayurveda vaidya, a scientist with an MSc in Biochemistry was the driving force giving us in-depth domain knowledge, insights into challenges for the experts as well as people in adopting Ayurveda. Thus our journey began.

Milestones to date

We had over a year long private beta and we have

  • 30 Ayurveda & Yoga experts onboarded. We have carefully onboarded experts through multiple rounds of interviews, ensuring their practices are in line with Ayurveda & Yoga in its authentic form. 
  • Onboarded supplements partner, Ayush Arogyam. Access to Ayurvedic supplements are essential to regain wellness. Ayush Arogyam ships over 1500 premium brands to 100+ countries.
  • Official Partner to World Ayurveda Foundation. The largest organization for the Ayurveda professional recognizes us as their technology partner. 

But the most that we are proud of is when we positively influence wellness and reduce chronic struggles

  • Meena in California could avoid surgery because she could get the right Ayurveda solution at the right time.
  • Suba in Singapore could resolve her 2-year old daughter’s skin and underweight issues with natural solutions.
  • Abhinav in Bangalore lost weight in a healthy way through Ayurveda.

We came together to be a channel to create this impact and these results validates that the work Satva set out to do – Ayurveda & Yoga for anyone, anywhere – is important. 

Wish you a beautiful 2021. 

Stay healthy,

Suchitra Sathyanarayana

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