Seamless And Symptomless Menopause With Ayurveda

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Seamless And Symptomless Menopause With Ayurveda

Women move to a new phase after menopause. According to research studies, women are often happier, more relaxed and confident in this phase. However, the transition can be a turbulent experience for many. In this blog, learn how women can prepare for seamless and symptomless menopause with Ayurveda.

What Is Menopause?

The total count of ova (egg cells) that will be produced in a woman’s lifetime is determined when she is a fetus. The stage when the body stops to naturally produce eggs  in the ovaries is called menopause. During this phase, the body stops producing some hormones like estrogen and progesterone, which leads to absence or irregularity of periods. 

Menopause symptoms

Typically menopause hits women when they are between 40-50 years of age. Many women go through the transition with ease, while others deal with a lot more discomfort. Some changes experienced are hot flushes, libido variations, vaginal dryness (with or without itchiness), mood swings, joint pains and crepitus (due to osteoporosis), hair-fall, mental depression or anxiety and sometimes weight gain. 

Seamless And Symptomless Menopause With Ayurveda 

How Ayurveda Helps

  • Align Aahara (Diet), Vihaara (Lifestyle) and Vichaara (Thinking) as per the body-mind constitution, the profession and where they live.
  • Cleanse with seasonal Panchakarma or Ayurvedic detoxing procedures
  • Include herbal supplements like seeds & leaves of fennel, fenugreek and sesame oil in the diet. 

Managing Symptoms

  1. White discharge. A Panchakarma procedure called Yoni dhavana (vaginal cleansing) using a mixture of herbal decoctions can also be administered by a qualified Ayurveda physician.
  2. Excess bleeding: Always remember to note how many sanitary pads were used. Ayurveda supplements like Lodhra, Nagakeshara, Pushyanuga powder  significantly reduces this symptom.
  3. Joint pains: It is common to have lower back aches and knee joint pains during this time. Ayurveda offers medicated oils like MahaNarayana taila, Murivenna taila or Ksheera Bala taila. Apply them before a hot water bath for relief.
  4. Hot flushes: Drink Sariva (Hemidesmus indicus) syrup diluted with water every day. Avoid drinks on the empty stomach. Avoid eating green chili and fermented foods like bread, biscuits, cheese, idli, dosa reduces the intensity of hot flushes. 
  5. Mood swings: Yoga Asanas (like Bhadrasana, Trikonasana, Matsyasana), Meditation, Pranayama. Please ensure you learn these asanas from qualified Yoga experts.

The body goes through transformations from Kapha kaala (age of nourishment or childhood); then enters the Pitta kaala (middle age) and then enters the Vaata kaala (cessation of certain functions). Menopause  occurs during the Vaata kaala, where the ovaries naturally withdraw from producing any more ova (egg cells). Along with the body, the mind too undergoes a series of transformations which leaves the woman more mature and stable. 

All we need to do is accept the pause, called menopause gracefully and thankfully.

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